Saturday, August 21, 2010

and I fell in love.

"Jenna! Jenna! do you see that boy?"
(insert creepy pointing here)
"he's such a babe. Look at him dance."
Then, he came over.
Suddenly, I forgot how to breathe.
He danced in tune to the music, his arms flailing about. My cool dance moves to impress him were gone. I could only watch him and awkwardly sway to the music. With his fohawk, nerd glasses, shirt and tie, I was drooling. All I could think was, what a babe. what a babe.
His friend came over and began dancing, he was more friendly, he waved and said hello.
As I creepily stalked him and watched him dance I muttered creeper things to Jenna such as, I think I'm in love and dangit! I missed him when he came out, how did i miss him?!
I jokingly suggested to invite them to del taco. Jenna took me seriously. I held her back.
I stalked him so more, glared when he danced with other girls, and drooled some more.
The end of the night came too quickly, and the music stopped.
As Jenna and I walked past them, we spoke loudly,
"DEL TACO? YES I BELIEVE DEL TACO" as a sort of invite.
blue shirt boy, marry me?


Jenna said...

bahaha! i am going next thursday and getting his number just for you! when is your next friday that requires no school? we will go again!!