Monday, August 16, 2010

the best summer of my life.

summer of 2008.
i went on trek and met 2 of my best friends, Mickell and Emily.
that summer we were best friends with treavor.
we would eat taco amigo.
drive around with a couch in the back of her car.
we sat on the couch on my lawn for hours after my early curfew.
we took the couch to random street corners and sat on it.
i was introduced to cheese burritos.
we stalked.
i loved israel.
trek love list.
we made plans.
we all had nicknames; tequito, guacamole, sweet cheeks, caso
we made lots of memories.
had a lot of inside jokes.
and had the best summer ever.

thank-you guys for making that a summer to remember.


mickell said...

that was one of the best summer months of our lives