Monday, August 9, 2010

"do you know what tuna is?"

If you can name that movie, you get a thumbs up. One of my favorites, probably.
Do you know what today is? Monday. Do you know why monday's are such a good day? Because on mondays we get letters. yeah boy. I got my own email.
At work, I got to leave for a whole hour to run errands. Holla.
While running errands, I ran into Nate Holbert. We had an awkward conversation. It was lovely.
Bright blue nail polish makes my day just a little brighter.
Sometimes I find really sweet shoes in idaho for 3 dollars. But they don't have my size. Then I call in american fork and they have my exact size! So I practically raced down there to exchange them. greatest day of my life, probably. Purple hightops for 3 dollars? yes please.
I take Jesse along with me to Rue 21. When passing Glen Ricks, we pull into the turn lane, creepily take a picture and then go on our merry way, sending the pic to jamie.
We like being creepy.
Sometimes I teach my nephew who is almost two the thing that is whoopi cushion. He laughs real hard.
I watch David Archuleta's new video he's a babe.
We'll probably be married, david and I.
Rule # 3, no turning up david archuleta while going through a breakup.
He's got a dog named Teddy, if you wanted to know that. I bet you did.
Good monday.


Lisa said...

i.. love david. so very much.
oh,lilo and stitch.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh Cailey! I know we don't know each other, but I feel like we could be really, really great friends! I mean we both love Snuggies & David Archuleta. This sounds like a solid foundation to build a friendship on, don't you think?