Sunday, August 15, 2010

good ones.

some prime texts from my phone.

"I'm marrying you. we wil have 6 kids. practically no fights and lots of love."--evan

"I'll make a song called herpe face, dedicated to my one and only, cailey haynie."--megan

"demonpants, may I call you demon pants...."--me

"I will not allow you to be tempted, so no to both. well, maybe yes to demon pants."--clay

"I'd target you as the kind that should get dropped off on the side of the road."--megan

"sweetheart. i wish we were still spooning, so magical."--baby kitten

"then it's done. creepy comments on blog + del taco delivered to his house =prom and happy birthday, married!"-- baby kitten

"Also, my room is downstairs. Left side of the house. second window. if that makes sense."--jameson after telling him bad things will come upon him and we will attack him in his sleep, to which we replied, creepily.
"we already knew that."