Wednesday, August 11, 2010

happy birthday. (one clap) married.

Court and Jenna came over tonight. That's when you know it's gonna be epic and you might pee your pants of laughter.
They arrived at my house first, then me.
I was greeted with a plate of homemade oreo cookies. I knew I loved these girls.
Then, with a call to megan, we were off to Del Taco to stalk them.
We knocked on the window, with big smiles on our creepy faces, then walked through the door, walking past the boy giving us weird looks.
Courtney immediately hit on Evan, asking him to prom.
He said no but she insisted.
Then, the random boy in the booth behind us asked her to prom.
Bev is his name, short for beverage probably. Or, ben I've heard it both ways.
As we walked out of del taco, Court knocked on the window and mouthed I love you.
Jenna tried to hit on men driving a convertible. They thought we were in highschool.
"How old is she?"
"prove it."
"court. get your license."
"I don't want a ride."
Then, back to my house to chat with the parentals.
"happy birthday. married." me and court.
"Speaking of root canals."-jenna.
"we weren't speaking of root canals."-cailey.
Basically, I'm obsessed with these girls.
Anyone who hits on men in del taco, hits on men in convertibles, and tries to make people feel as awkward as possible are my friends.
Especially if their names are Jenna and Courtney.


Court J said...

Haha woah! You posted this quick! I like it! And I LOVED tonight. No I promise I don't want a ride with you creeps, and I promise I'm not in high school! But I do want Evan to take me to prom. Keep insisting for me. Should I try and woe him? Send him a basket full of Del Taco??

Evan & Diana said...

a basket of del taco can only increase your chances!

Court J said...

Done and Done Evan. There will be a basket full of Del Taco waiting for you on your porch this weekend!

Jenna said...

haha! love you girlies! what a great night!