Sunday, August 15, 2010

"I buy them and then you eat like like they are crayons!"

That quote was from my mom.
I don't eat crayons.
Also, my sister in law is rather comical.
A texting conversation from today.
(last night i gave my nephews flarp, it makes farting noises.)
keri: Thanks so much for the fart goop. I will get you back one day when you have children.
me: Oh you're welcome. tell jared thanks for all my dolls that have mustaches.
keri: why am I always suffering for the things he did?
me: you married him. good thing my whoopi cushion popped before i could give it to them.
keri: yeah we have enough natural fart noises at this house.
me: if only you had a daughter.
keri: with my luck, she would just fart too.
me:it's in the family, she can't help it.
oh the conversations we have.


Jenna said...

you and keri are dorks. haha. but i love how everyone in your family are natural tooters. ;)