Thursday, August 19, 2010

if i was a rich girl... (nananananananana)

then i'd have all the money in the world, if i was a wealthy girl.
I would buy these things;
keds in every color.
ray bans of every color.
oakley sweatshirts.
young and reckless tees, a ridiculous amount of them.
heels for every occasion, in every color.
a new car, preferably a honda cr-v or perhaps a old school convertible, or bug, purple please.
big, diamond earrings because diamonds are a girls best friend.
nailpolish for every single day of the year, perhaps more.
some real nice designer jeans with diamonds on the butt for reasons i've never understood.
a new cell phone, where i can hear clearly.
an ipod touch.
a t-rex like rob.
oakley shades.

If you were rich, what would you buy?


Lisa said...

i'd splurge on an ikea shopping trip

emilee said...

cowboy boots.
maybe a farm to go with them.

miss mandi said...

neil diamond.

Mallory said...

every cat at the pound.