Monday, August 2, 2010

I'll never understand it, although I blame this on Rob and Drama.
But, I
If I could do ANYTHING in the whole world, it would be skateboarding. I think it is SO cool. Seriously.
The way they can spin it and then land back on it.
I love it.
I think it is so cool.
Another one of my obsessions, probably.
Maybe one day I'll write about them all, but probably I'll have to make a whole blog about it.


Batash said...

My little brother who is now a junior is a skatebording fool. we even have a half pipe in our back yard.

the carlisle said...

did you watch the x games?! i am also an avid skateboard fan. 4 words: 14 year old adonis.

Jameson said...

longboarding is better.