Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'll never understand

why chocolate milk is so delectable.
why I love school supplies, and being organized.
why spiders live.
why ants live.
why babies look like aliens.
why babies get zits.
why i'm so facinated with celebrities.
why math is necessary.
why playlist won't let me play certain songs.
why i wasn't born a year earlier.
why my brother and i are 4 years apart.
why i don't understand science.
why sometimes when people text me i feel the need to chuck my phone across the room.
why simple decisions are so hard for me.
why taco fries taste like heaven.
why boys get to dress comfortable all the time.
why my shoulders often hurt.
why missions are so long.
why texting during class brings me so much joy.
why i'm still to this day afraid of my 6th grade teacher.
why i hate clutter in small spaces but not large.
why i'm ocd about some things but not others.
why i get antsy when i sit for long periods of time.
why clothes are necessary.
why your toes go to sleep.
why you get charlie horses.
why they are called charlie horses.
why i have such a hard time going to bed.
why they play stupid songs on the radio.
why some songs make me want to poke my eyes out.
why teachers give homework on the first day.
why it's necessary to go on 'picnics' in ap coloring.
why i'm so creepy.
why i love being creepy & creepy people.
why i get so many hangnails.
why can i remember the lyrics to about a thousand songs but not how to do geometry.

"these are the questions that haunt me."
does anyone know where that quote is from? I can't remember.


meg. said...

"Got any questions?"
"A couple. First, What the hecky is a herkey? And second, if one of these is a pom-pom, does that make 2 of them pom-pom pom-poms? These are the questions that haunt me."

hannah montana.

dang it.

i hate hannah montana.

& also, yes.
why are clothes necessary?
huzzah to being neked.

sydnee said...

i often do throw my phone across the room.
sometimes that vibrate just makes you crazy.

Kenlynn said...

I agree. Clothes are not necessary. In fact, I am planning on starting a nudist colony? Yes.

Anonymous said...

um, i don't know what babies you have come in contact with but they do not look like aliens. most babies look like small human beings.

Cali Haynie Rutter said...

I found this out late in life. But you won't get hangnails as much if you clip your cuticles. I used to constantly have hangnails and they would always bleed no matter how much lotion or cuticle oil I used... its because the cuticle gets snagged on things and rips back. Hense the hangnails. I promise if you clip your cuticles regularly they won't be as bad.