Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mixed emotions.

It's 12:16 and I've got school tommorrow, but with my sleeping habits these days, it's too early for sleep.
I feel nervous, anixious, excited, and all the above emotions about tomorrow.
I'm glad I'm not a squashmore.
I'm nervous to see him.
new people always make me excited.
I'm sad to see the summer end.
I'm depressed to think of me spending my days in those classrooms.
It makes me want to die thinking of all my friends graduating without me.

picture day always makes me antsy. what if my hair is messed up? what if there is something in my teeth? what if i look like a freak? what if my shirt drowns me out? what if my makeup looks really bad? I know, i know, this is really stupid but it seriously, picture day makes me antsy!

Early mornings are not my thing, if i see you tomorrow morning and happen to yell at you or perhaps send a death glare you're way, don't take it personal. I'm just not a morning person.
I'm already counting down the hours until lunch time tomorrow, when i can take a break from the emotional turmoil they call high school.

there is this real annoying voice in my head telling me to go to bed. (it sounds a lot like my parents..)
so, I'm off.
wish me luck.
and pray i won't puke on anyone.


Court J said...

Junior year was my FAVORITE! Because like you all my friends were seniors while I was a junior... So that made my senior year blow. Hope you have a good day. Love you!