Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it's only tuesday.

Oh the joys of smelling like a man.
I've almost forgotten what a real girl smells like, good? like dandelions?
you get used to the smell of sweat. even when they all swarm you, you can't smell it.
mckinsey veenker. i enjoy her, i bet we will be best friends.
jen, she's quite the comedian.
kristen, i get a kick out of her.
kathryn, she almost caught me when i fell
jon browne. do you know him? if not, get to know him. he is the sweetest guy.
emily, i've missed her.
drag queen? drama queen? all he needed was a friend. oh sorry bout it.
only in utah can you study preach my gospel and the scriptures at football practice, with help from others. Jon studies sometimes. Jen helps.
I've almost got the football drink down. (no, not down my shirt, although that happens more often than not.)
Sometimes i tell stupid jokes. (see above sentence.)
the hot sun kills me. hopefully i'll get some sweet tanlines.
apparently tanning isn't appropriate at football practice? what?
sophomores are awkward, they don't know what to do with us.
Mark Kruger is real nice, he helps with the water sometimes when he sits out, he's a good kid.
sometimes after football i feel dead.
friends? do i have any? it's doubtful. I haven't seen them for a while.
call me, sexy six. you know who you are.


Jenna said...

Hey, I still am your friend.. Even if its been a week since I have seen you! ;) better get as much of each other as we can befor next Wednesday.. After that I won't have much of a social life. Anyway, I am glad you are enjoying football! It sounds like fun! See you soon! Loves.