Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've got five minutes to post this.

Well. jessie and i were chatting about this today at school (bleh) so i thought i'd post about it.

awkward blog stalking. you know when you know someone but you don't really know them? all day at school i saw the people i blog stalked, wanted to say hello then realized we've never met in real life, which is super awkward. You know all their inner thoughts but you don't know them, you want to talk to them about their life story but you've never been in person with these people. so, please, if you stalk me and see me, say hello. I love creepy people, I love blog stalkers, and I love friends.
sometimes i see these people at school and feel too creeper to say hello, so here is my hello via blogger.


-Kait- said...

cailey. i stalk you.
but sadly, I'm at college and cannot say hello in the flesh.
so consider this a cyber hello.
also. there is a girl in my english class, who could very much be your clone.
just sayin.

mardiiiii said...

i kinda stalk your blog
its a daily habit of mine
i currently have no stalkers. so if you can find one to stalk me that'd be cool.
i enjoy your whittiness.
it makes my day.