Saturday, August 28, 2010

let me just tell you about this girl.

Mickell Jespersen.
She's off to J-Ru on tuesday so I thought I'd give her a little shout out.
First, let me tell you our history.

Summer 2008. Trek.
I wanted to kill myself, obviously. My stomach grumbled with anger it 7:30 in the morn and I wanted to jump off a bridge, but there I was, stuck on a bus, hot, sticky, and ill. (please note, I threw up. well you don't have to note it, it's not important but I did, incase you were wondering.)
Mickell fell asleep against the window for more than half the ride. When she awoke, she joined the conversation.
"he was in your bath class?!"
we became friends instantly.
Then, I learned she carried a couch around in her car at all times. Obviously, i was obsessed with her. She is hysterical, always cracking jokes. I dare you to be with her for ten minutes and not laugh.You can't. It's impossible.
During trek we bonded, and told each other of our love lives, all while the boys listened and tried to scare us, asking the next morning who those boys were.
Together, we made a trek love list. Both real and imagined love, mostly one sided. We were celebrities. Everyone followed us, stalked our tent (israel), and even chased us trying to see if they were on the list. Every time the camera man came around we would yell real loud, "WHAT THE BEAST!" We even got interviewed for our trek love list. If she hadn't been in my family, it would have been THE worst week of my life.
that summer was the best summer of my life.
I'm so glad I met her. She is truly an amazing person. She will help you with anything, at anytime. She is always there when you need her. She is great at giving advice, and is always willing. I can talk to her about anything, and I am so grateful for that. Words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate this girl.
I'm gonna miss her so much.
I love you mickell.
Thank you for everything. You are phenomenal.
love, oprah winfrey. what?