Friday, August 6, 2010

no titles are coming to me. It's late. one in the morn.

Against my will, and with my conscience, here I am.
I woke, showered, let my hair air dry, out on some basketball shorts and a Tee and we were off. (somewhere in there I packed and chatted with kassie hymas)
With a 'later utah' picture to megs, we were off.
Car rides are a hobby of mine, I especially love sleeping in cars. I sang loud to Carrie while my father drove and my mother read her magazines. Quilting of course. Then I read Harry Potter aloud for a while, because it made things more exciting.
I drank lots of soda, and in turn almost peed my pants about 5 times.
We listened to Tswift and Miranda Lambert.
Finally, we arrived in Oregon, where our hotel is. Priceline= smokers rooms. cool beans. But, don't fret. It doesn't smell bad at all. (although that sounded sarcastic, it wasn't.)
I straightened my naturally flipped out boy band hair, put some makeup on and dressed for the occasion.
I predicted the awkwardness almost to a T.
"oh your so old."
"oh she's beautiful."
I had to ask my mom if my fake smile looked real enough.
I feel awkward, naturally, but even more so in situations like these.
I stay close to the parentals and speak the least amount possible.
After dinner, I read Harry Potter next to my parents while they chat. Yes, I'm just that cool. People ask my name, what I'm reading, and the fake smile comes once again.
The ladies and gents split, but I stay where I am, which happens to be by the males. I read Harry and avoid conversation like the plague.
Finally, I decide to join with the ladies. I put down Harry for a second, to plead my case and ask to leave. Finally it's time to go.
I breathe a sigh of relief as we get in the car, wet with rain.
The utah weather had followed us, obviously.
We search redbox for a movie, drive through lots of puddles, and finally find bandslam.
Pretty good movie.
Please bless my first kiss is not as awkward. bahaha.
Day one of rawlings family reunion?