Monday, August 30, 2010


Awful days right?
Today, that was not the case. It was rather fantastic, actually. (actually it's quite good on toast. name the movie.)
b1: environmental science. true, it makes me want to poke my eyes out but i wrote megan a note and got lots done.
b2: accounting. quite possibly the greatest thing of my life. finished my homework and I'm actually quite excited about this.
b3: AP coloring. scavenger hunt. we won. dominated really.
b4: aerobics. water aerobics with jan hawke. I enjoy that lady. also, lots of my friends are in there. fairfield. annie. megan. and I met tons of new people. you know how i love meeting new people and having new friends.
Then, work. eh.
Football, and what a great day at football it was. Kinsey, I love her.
Emily and I take water together to chat. I take creeper pictures of my football love. We make up songs. "no one to tell us no, or he's a hoe."
Then, while walking real slow to stalk my football love, I get a call from Katie Houghtaling, whom I love.
As we are leaving, we chat it up with this so called football love and he learns my name. yeah buddy.
Then, a quick visit to Mickell who is leaving tomorrow.
After that, dinner with mom and Cali.
Now, homework and blogging.
Seriously, such a great day. One where i just want to jump for joy ya know?


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