Monday, August 2, 2010


Have you ever seen this show?
It's a favorite of mine.
These guys are hilarious. I aspire to be as witty as them.
"Dude, all your permanant teeth are in. Your playing for keeps now."
"Like mascara on prince, it is on."
"You went all that way and didn't get me a donut? I did get you a donut, then I ate it."
"I've heard it both ways."
'I lived in an airport for a month, Gus.' 'That was Tom Hanks in terminal.' 'same difference'
Watch it. It's hysterical.
I dare you not to laugh.


Krista said...

Jeff and I are obsessed with this show. We starting watching it again from season 1 on. Best ever.

Kelsey said...

don't even worry. this is probably one of my favorite shows.
we should have a marathon.


the carlisle said...

can't tell you how unbelievably impressed i am that someone else watches this show!!!!

shaunie said...

we didn't play today, i feel sad inside.
i vote we play & have a psych party.