Saturday, August 21, 2010

saturday night blogging.

Sometimes I have no friends.
Saturday nights before school starts= me sitting at home.
cool beans.
speaking of beans, my mom made delicious frito salad tonight.
baby molly is coming in the morn. I'm excited and nervous.
the kids are sleeping over. wahoo.
straws are real nice. thanks, jenna vizina for getting me into them.
chocolate/strawberry milk is delicious.
Jaden's companion is a babe!
maybe we'll write & fall in love? I feel good about that.
megan stalks me. what a creep.
makeup? no thanks.
tshirt, shorts, and slippers.
school starts next week, please kill me.
your love-nicki minaj a weird video but i love the song.


Batash said...

Sometimes I have no friends on saturday nights as well. We should be friends. Pretty sure I've said that before. But oh well

Jenna said...

love stras. i can't wait to see jaden's comp. for you of course. i already have my man. jaden. :)

i am angry that you didn't text to play. lame girl.