Saturday, August 21, 2010

sometimes i blog a whole lot in one night. don't judge.

Stephanie texts me sometimes, I enjoy her a whole lot.
Football suddenly turns me into a male, and i say things like don't close it dude and probably get weird looks.
Watching from the sidelines is the only way to go, the rush you get when you run with the running back and almost getting tackled.
I'm so attracted to him.
I got a 20 d0llar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup.
Having a neice is fun, you can paint her nails, brush her hair, and put makeup on her.
My favorite purple scrunchy is often in my hair, atop my head like bam bam or a small child.
I miss the seniors, especially when i can see over the whole football team, practically.
I've been on facebook a ridiculous amount of times today.
one in the morn. i don't like sleeping much. alright, that was a lie. I love sleeping.
& i know you're a sucker for anything acoustic.
purple is a hobby of mine.
prince & me is so romantic.
I'm gonna marry a prince.
I'll wear dresses and diamond crowns.
alright, so dresses are out. I'll wear jeans and diamond crowns? better.
3.2.1. now fall in my arms now.
Hillary Walker, she is so sweet.
Aly Fraughton is real nice.
tuesday brings picnics and jake.
tomorrow brings baby molly, 4th sunday dinner, and jenna.


Batash said...

Mix tape- brand new. Brilliant