Monday, August 23, 2010

things i'll miss about summer.

staying up late
sleeping in late
eating lunch with mom eryday
countless hours of boy meets world
visits to the shack
PG pool
thursday dancing & sleepover with jenna
the heat
wearing flip flops and shorts (oh but don't fret, this won't end for a while)
no school
doing whatever, whenever with no schedule
shaven legs (because obviously i don't shave during winter)
wearing basketball shorts eryday
no real clothes
chatting on facebook until all hours of the morn
tan skin
no makeup
letting my hair air dry
leaving my windows down in my car
being 7
breakfast at noon
late nights spent with friends
taco amigo eryday
hanging out at the bk
late night food runs because we're starving
sno cones
texting until morn
going to sleep with my television on
late night blogging sessions
summer in general


Jenna said...

Uh, when you don't have school on Friday you are sleeping over and our tradition will live on!

jalissa said...

i love how you blog! it's unique!