Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the time we became a square.

The night began with Taco Tuesday.
3 for 99 cents. Yesss please.
We sat in Lillian and downed tacos like men.
Then, we went on our merry way, almost dying as a swirved to avoid a cone. Apparently I'm a bad driver? Just because sometimes I dance when I drive...
"You drive. I dance."
We arrived at Jenna's without a GPS, holla.
We went downstairs, meeting Lindsay and Courtney.
Lindsay, I must say, is a little intimidating with her workout routines.
I enjoy her though.
Jenna and I chatted in her room and Megs and Court got aquainted.
Awkwardness avoided. We like that.
Megs and I began spooning, naturally. Then Court joined in. Yes, we had met five minutes earlier.
I liked this girl immediately.
That was only the beginning of an epic night.
"Baby kittens."
"With jeans, it's weird. I do it, but it's weird."
"This one time you told me if i (deep breathe)" "You'll stay alive?"
"i could swing that. into someone's face. see what I did there?"
And, the beginning of our square. Four best friends. We're gonna make shirts.
I slyly asked court for her number, we do that sometimes.
Then we text and she says things like, sweetheart, I wish we were still spooning. So magical.
The square. We love it. We date, but only each other.


Jenna said...

i like this. :)