Thursday, September 30, 2010

when i'm older

I WILL have a library with those tall ladders attached that you slide around on.
you know the ones i'm talking about?
they are so dope.

what is something you are determined to have in your house when you get older?

baby showers are always eventful.

Tonight, Nate's side of the family threw Cali a baby shower.
some prime things happened that i must blog about.

1. i was mistaken for cali. her aunt came up behind me and said, here's the special, then paused and looked and my stomach and noticed i was not pregnant, then found cali 2 chairs away. so hysterical.

2. cali has this hilarious grandma D, and she came over and was talking to me and asked what my name was, when i told her 'cailey' she thought i said kiwi then proceeded to burst into hysterics. it was the funniest thing of my life.

3. her mother in law told us about a HAWT boy from her younger days. it was quite comical.

a fantastic night all and all.
i love hanging with the sisters and chatting about everything.

why my mother is obviously cooler than yours.

when coming home late at night, she suggests stalking the houses of boys.
instead of reprimanding me for sneaking out, she tells me to walk out the front door.
she tells me to invite boys over so she can stalk them,
then proceeds to tell me not to because dad might say something embarrassing.
she's hysterical. even if her jokes aren't funny.
she facebook stalks. then proceeds to tell me. "so i saw on facebook..."
she has great suggestions. "get some bubble gum and spell yes." then what? " i don't know?"
sometimes she texts you hilarious things, one night i got a text from her about a grown man in walmart wearing footie pajamas but she couldn't take a picture for me because she was laughing too hard.
she often desires to take pictures of people's haircuts she likes, creepy.
she accepts my love for every boy and will help me plan my life with them. Once, we got a picture of my missionary brother and his (attractive) companion and she immediately thought of me.
she will stalk boys with me. sometimes i force her into but she loves it. read a great stalking story here
she often texts you. and with smiley faces, and a possible LOL just me make me feel weird.
she gives me boy advice. (invite him over, write him a note, tell him you don't bite.)
she doesn't mind too much when i keep her up late at night with my ramblings.
so basically, my mom is just ridiculously cool.
be jealous.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

substance. apparently i've got it.

but not the sketchy substance you sometimes find in paris hilton's purse.

rules of the award.

1. thank the person you received the award from

thank you, Courtney Jaeger
or as i prefer to call her, baby kitten.
this girl kills me. she is hysterical.
i quite enjoy reading her blog about her life and nannying.

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words

my thoughts, my life. yup.

3. pass this on to 10 bloggers.
wow, 10? I'll try.

kelsey waters
not only is she gorgeous, hysterical, and kind. she has some lovely writing topics.

sydnee merrill
she is a lovely writer and i rather enjoy her blog. plus, she is adorable.

lisa castleberry
this gem is in my seminary class and i quite enjoy her.
lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

mickell jespersen

want adventures from the holy land? read her blog. she's in JRU this very second.

i recently found her blog and i really like it. she's quite comical.

ashley palmer
a viking veteran is always a friend in my book. I am loving her interviews with people.

stephanie carlisle, her girl blog.
i say her girl blog, because it's not her regular blog, it's a blog just for girls about boys and such.
i love it! i happened upon it while creeping on her and i'm so glad i did!
i love her boy stories!

alright. 7 is enough, i'm sure.
read up.

* not really sure why it's being weird and showing it in black....

sometimes i really miss

when i wore the exact same sweatshirt, jeans, and ponytail everyday.
when boys had cooties.
when we had book orders.
when, with parent teacher conferences came the book fair.
when lunch was eaten at school, with a sandwich and a capri sun.
when we all played oregon trail.
when sitting boy girl boy girl was a punishment.
when people didn't hold hands in the hall.
when there was no pressure to do well in school.
when real life wasn't so near.
when being on your own wasn't something you had to worry about.
when you played with your friends everyday after school.
when i wasn't even allowed to wear makeup.
when boys didn't make me want to barf.
when i wasn't allowed to be home by myself.
when i couldn't run errands for my mother.
when i was too young to work.
when i didn't even know what a period was.
when i didn't have a phone, buzzing in my pocket.
when sleeping in class was scary.
when no one cared what you looked like.
when i wasn't allowed to listen to 97.1 with my older siblings.
when my mother made me go to bed.
when i was scared of high school.
when school was fun.
when you had to have your mom call the other mom to play with a friend.

whatever happened to those days?
when did i suddenly get so old?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it's in the name.

Once, this crazy guy in tights wrote this.
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

so what's in a name?
The name Kaylee is a baby girl name. The name Kaylee comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Kaylee is: Variant of Katherine. 'Pure. ' Variant of Kay and Kayla 'keeper of the keys; pure. '.
what ever that means...

although my name is hard to shorten, it's been done.
sometimes i get called things like,
baby c

if i had these professions i would call myself this:
rapper: baby c
radio personal: caihay at night
exotic dancer: candi (which was once almost my name.*)
a dj: DJ CAI
a boy: cade
a singer: cailey. like beyonce, no need for a last name.

and so i ask, what would your name be if you were the above?
what does your name mean?

*well, at birthday my father didn't like the name cailey, so when my mother asked what he would rather he suggested candi. my mother quickly vetoed that.


lately i've been really impressed with these people:

Brother Pulham.
This guy is about 80, and goes walking every morning for about 3 miles or more, i'm sure.
He is the funniest guy you will ever meet in your entire life and he is adorable.
Tonight, he told me I'd make a good wife someday.
Him being at girls camp was hysterical, we taught him to be gangster and he danced.
He and his wife are obviously in love and the most adorable couple I have ever seen.
Plain and simple, he kills me. Always joking around.
He was my sunday school teacher when I was younger and we always had amazing classes.
I hope one day my husband will be as amazing as him.
I love that guy.

Austin Heder.
Not only is he a great football player & had a scholarship since junior year;
he is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.
He always goes out of his way to say a special thank you to us at the end of the day;
and even in a crucial time of the game, when i went in the huddle for a time out,
he thanked me graciously.

Aaron Smith.
He's my brother, married to my sister Courtney.
He always makes it a point to ask me how my life is going,
school, boys, anything. He's always concerned about it.
He always offers for me to hang out over there when I need to just chill.
He often reminds me I can talk to him about anything, anytime.
I'm so grateful he has married into my family.
He is a great guy.

can we please just talk about

how cool my older brother is?
JP Haynie
He's a musician, & got signed.
check him out
here is an interview with him.

here is his website.

and you can listen to his music here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

please someone...

push me off a bridge!

homecoming dress shopping WILL be the death of me.
i want to poke my eyes out.
someone help!!!!!

a positive attitude.

I heard this story in sacrament and it was just too cute to not share.
(story from what i remember it.)

There was a lady who woke up one morning, and noticed just three hairs on her head. "I'm gonna braid my hair today!" she said. And she had an amazing day.

The next morning, she woke up and noticed just two hairs on her head. "I'm gonna part my hair down the middle today!" she said, and she had a lovely day.

The next morning she woke up to just one hair on her head. "I'm gonna put my hair in a ponytail today!" she said, and she had a fantastic day.

The next morning she woke up to not one hair on her head, then exclaimed, "I don't have to do my hair today!!!"

I wish we could all have this positive of an attitude.
So, the next time your hair isn't quite right, remember this story and smile brighter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

baby cailey & teenage cailey.

aren't that different.
please note the awkward smiles.
a cailey staple.

now, let's do some comparing.

baby cailey, she was convinced she was going to marry michael jordan.
teenage cailey, she's convinced she'll marry a list of boys.

baby cailey, she followed Kale around at her brother's wedding asking him to dance.
teenage cailey, she stalkes at dances.

baby cailey attached herself to her brother's girlfriend. (keri and heather)
teenage cailey attached herself to her brothers girlfriend. (jenna)

baby cailey loved going to football games.
teenage cailey loves going to football games.

baby cailey loved to dance.
teenage cailey loves to dance.

baby cailey slash child cailey was a ridiculously creepy stalker. (just ask paul hatch. 4th grade.)
teenage cailey is a ridiculous stalker.

baby cailey & baby emilee were best friends.
teenage cailey & teenage emilee are best friends.
[and practically twins. 9 days apart. we sing disneychannel together.]

baby cailey got rocks for her 3rd birthday from jaden.
teenage cailey gave rocks to jaden for his 20th birthday.

baby cailey would never sleep because she was always afraid she was going to miss something.
teenage cailey hates to sleep for fear of missing exciting things.

baby cailey & baby nicolle were best friends.
teenage cailey & teenage nicolle are best friends.

baby cailey loved to play office.
teenage cailey would love to work in an office and wear pencil skirts and feel important.

baby cailey was a little boy crazy.
teenage cailey is a little boy crazy.

baby cailey loved to sing.
teenage cailey loves to sing.

baby cailey hated when people said/ spelt her name wrong. ("ca I ley")
teenage cailey does not enjoy when people say her name wrong.

basically, we're exactly alike.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a date of the homecoming variety.

so many tootsie rolls.

so excited!


Russell Hiskey!

please ignore the awful hairdo and pj's.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other day, in seminary, the question of the day was what is the most pathetic thing about yourself? I've been thinking about it lately and decided to make a list:
I still sleep with a beanie baby.
I have a hair schedule and I get really stressed if I don't follow it. I plan it days in ahead according to where I need to go and such. With this hair schedule I have a pillow schedule. One pillow for clean hair, one for dirty hair. I once heard that your hair gets dirtier if you sleep on a dirty pillow. hence, pillow schedule.
If a nail is chipped, I get really really annoyed & can't stop thinking about it until I fix it.
If I don't do my own laundry, I get stressed that people will do it wrong.
My closet, it's color coordinated, and if you mess it up, i will hit you. I take it very seriously.
I have a certain way of making my bed and don't like other people doing it because it's different.
I always click the 'lock' button twice when I leave the car.
I often check the door to make sure it's locked more than once.
I can't park to save my life.
I always have to drive with my shoes off.
I'm a clean freak, germaphobe. I wash my hands a lot.
I watch wayyy too much tv.
I am constantly spilling on my shirt, especially hot sauce from taco amigo.

what's the most pathetic thing about yourself?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I ever become an actress..

remind me to do a scene like this:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we don't go for the boys.

we go for the... coaches?
sounds awkward.
it's not.
let's just chat about these fellows.

After puking my guts out all day long, I wasn't about to miss the once a year opportunity of dinner with the football coaches. Tonight, Chubby's was on the menu. I arrived and waited for Emily in my car. Finally, she arrived and we went inside, feeling awkward, and sat at the end of the table. The coaches were all intrigued by the wall of fame. 1 pound burger, 1 pound fries in 15 minutes. 7 of them tried. Only 3 survived. I rather enjoyed watching them, it was a great night all in all. Those guys are hilarious.
Coach Brady, you know him? I was scared of him forever, but really, he is so nice and funny!
Newman. Hysterical, last week on the bus, we chatted with him the whole way home. he's gonna find me a homecoming date. "i've been farming." "i wanna eat the planet."
Derek, he has to know all our boy stories. he gives us advice. "wait I heard boys, tell me the story." "you know you have to tell him right, I know."
Thomas, he pulls my hair sometimes. He is a crazy oil guy and always has random facts. Apparently I look exactly like his mother? Sometimes he calls me his mom.
Sandy, he pours water on me at practice.
Sampson, always so nice.
Deans, he smells nice and sneaks us shirts.
Hymas, he doesn't talk much but he's nice.
Seriously, these guys are my favorite. Dinner tonight was so entertaining.

my day. (caution, queasy readers, stop here.)

I awoke and got ready, I arrived at school in great condition.
Roll was taken, packets were handed out and suddenly, I felt ill. Like barfing.
I quickly asked to go to the bathroom where I called my mother.
I went back to the classroom, was asked if I was in that class by the substitute (uh, duh. I left like 2 seconds ago.) Got my backpack and weird looks, and began the walk to the uss quest. Of course, I parked almost the furthest I could from my first period, the long walk was torture.
I began to drive, turned off locust, decided I should pull over, then barfed. After some time of barfing, I called my mother and made the drive down the road. I sat in the car, crying until my dad came out and helped me. I barfed a couple more times after that. But oddly there was no pain in my stomach, just my heart and back. I walked upstairs to my parent's room, the pain only got worse. Eventually I was yelling into my pillow and squirming in pain. My mother called the doctor, and got an appointment in about 30 minutes. My dad gave me a blessing and I tried to sleep.
The ride to the doctors office was awful, so many bumps in the road. My mom dropped me off up front to park, and I was greeted by a smiling Lisa Logan. "hey baby girl. are you feeling better?" Not really, but her greeting made me happy. I was told to go in the other doors, as I waited for my mother I began to barf into the plastic baggie my mother had brought. The man coming through the doors while barfing gave me a sympathetic smile and I was embarrassed.
I got checked in and was visiting the nurse in no time.
I layed on the uncomfortable bed, and waited for the doctor. A young man came in and introduced himself, he was a student working with the doctor. He poked me and prodded and asked all sorts of awkward questions, all while I fought sleep. Then, he must have really wanted to be barfed on because he stuck a tongue thing down my throat, and then proceeded to poke my stomach real hard. Genius idea, let's poke the sick girl's stomach. Sometime between him and the doctor, I fell asleep. I was awoken and poked and prodded some more. The doctor said a bunch of big words that ended in itis and I again, fought sleep. He said I needed an ultrasound. We went across the hall and this guy put warm goo all over my stomach then prodded me some more. Finally he was done and I was moved to yet another room. I layed on the bed and was immediately out. I woke when I heard someone walk into the room proclaiming, Oh that poor thing. Then, dazed, I opened my eyes to find out I had to get my blood drawn. Oh great, my favorite thing. I was out of it and couldn't remember when I had moved into that room and said funny things, I'm sure. Then, shot time. Anti-nausea. The nurse prodded my hip then stuck. I squirmed and held my mom's hand. Finally, it was time to go. And I felt lovely. I got a juice press and went home to catch up on television. The pain was gone and I felt fine. I watched tv for a while then fell asleep for about two hours. I woke up to my mother calling me. The doctor called and found... nothing. What? I know, I'm just as confused as you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

he's so dashing.

not to mention, charming.

that boy.

He was gone, out of sight, out of mind.
It wasn't easy to forget him, but eventually I pushed it out of my mind. People said I was different, that I had changed. I played it off with a laugh and a smile. I hadn't liked him so whatever. Yeah right, Cailey. Finally, he was gone. Not even thoughts of him could bring me down.
When seen by friends, I got a text proclaiming his arrival. I wasn't excited, but butterflies often played tag in my stomach. I wasn't looking forward to school, the thought of seeing him made me feel awkward. First week: in the clear. holla, I thought I was safe, at least until next semester. Psych. There he was, sitting in class. My breathing became shallow and I may have peed a little. Then, as I sat in class, in he walked. Lovely. I avoided eye contact, pretending I hadn't seen him. But naturally, the only seat available was right in front of me. Our eyes met and a fake smile appeared on my face. Awkwardness ensues, and he decides we're best friends. I'm friendly but feel weird. The next day, 1st period; before I open the door, I see him through the window. Oh great. It must of shown on my face how I was feeling, I was received with a 'you look tired' 'uh, yeah, first period.' I, again pretended I didn't see him but we all knew I had.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

you know its a good sunday when...

you color during church.
you take a nap.
you watch disney channel.
you color and catch up on shows.
you watch new hannah montana, good luck charlie, and jonas la.
you write your missionary brother.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i almost peed my pants.


because school fries my brain and makes it scatter.

We sold my car.
His name was Tibbs.
He failed at life, there were a lot of things wrong with him.
So now, i'm carless but searching.
While I search, I share the USS quest with my mother.
Who doesn't want to drive a mini van with 'connies timeless quilts' on the back?
It's ok to be jealous.

Rugar & Alicia were gone today in seminary. Sad day.
Jesse and I dominated at cats cradle.

Comfy dresses are nice.

Aerobics tomorrow? I'm afraid for my life.

I keep getting massive headaches.

Hey Monday. good band.

Hillcrest tomorrow. maybe we'll win? Either way, i'll be there.

I thought I could escape him, but as soon as I thought that, there he was, practically stalking me. Don't pretend like suddenly things are like they used to be.
Why does he have to be so darn handsome? And smell good too?

& there's glitter on the floor.

It feels good to be done with a project before it's due.

clay underneath my fingernails is real annoying.

I really love when teachers relate their lesson to a movie, even if it's a little thing. You know how I love movies a whole lot. It just makes my day brighter when Mrs. Beckstrom talks about Erin Brockovich or Mrs. R reveals miss congeniality is her favorite show, just like me.
p.s. please say someone besides me has seen erin brockovich? There were like two of us in my science class.

I miss Mickell.


I believe that I discovered something today.
Dresses, they're annoying. Fact.
Another fact? I dislike wearing them. 3 hours at church is enough for me.
But, perhaps its not the dresses I dislike so much, but the constricting feeling you get from the accessories following the dresses. I.e, heels, necklaces, belts etc.
Today, I wore a dress. And quite enjoyed it.
But, instead of heels or even flats, I wore keds.
No constricting shoes.
I did wear a belt, and although it was small, I still felt a little constricted.
So, the verdict?
dresses + keds = a happy cailey.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sometimes i feel

like football takes over my life.
like i haven't seen my friends for a long time.
like i need a good, long nap.
like tswift sings about my life.
like jan is crazy to expect a hour and a half workout 3 nights a week.
like environmental science might kill me.
like i might die of boredom from gov & cit.
like taylor israel is real cool.
like i need some chocolate.
like my IQ drops.
like ke$ha has great dancing songs.
like i might jump off a bridge once it begins to snow.
like hey monday is real good.
like sleeping the day away sounds real nice.
like my tan will fad too quickly.
like we might be dominated this weekend.
like teacher assign us homework to torture us.
like school is so unnecessary.
like adam & eve were smart, not wearing clothes.
like i need some chocolate milk.
like i should do homework.
like spinning in my chair because obviously i'm 7.
like holding baby molly sounds real nice right now.
like water aerobics is real fun.
like i make a lot of lists.
like i don't make much sense sometimes.
like seminary is becoming my favorite class.
like alicia makes me laugh real hard. "what are you ranch?"
like Rugar is hilarious.
like being normal is boring.
like i sound like a valley girl with all these 'likes'
like kanye west writing taylor a song is wierd.
like i need summer back.

another reason to hate summer ending.

all my shows are over.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I want to be one of those moms that...

goes to each and every game, dance recital, and competition; sporting a shirt with their name on it. (also, i feel bedazzling would be appropriate.)
all their friends love.
constantly has delcious treats for my children and their friends.
that could pass as a sister.
cooks breakfast every morning for their kids.
leaves notes in their lunches.
will do kind things sporatically.
they can always rely on to be there for them.
will embarrass them, but only when necessary.
can be trusted with secrets.

the news.

guess what?
I'm gonna have a new grandma.
my gramps is getting married. this friday, just found out today.
maybe this new lady (her name is unknown to me at this time) will want to spoil me.
please bless, I could use a new pair of keds.

But in all seriousness, i'm quite excited. i haven't had a grandma for a really long time. my grandma rawlings died when i was 4 and my grandma haynie has been deteriorating from alstimers ever since i can remember. she died a couple years ago, and i never really got to know her.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

you might be named cailey if..

your saturdays go a little like this.
Intense work outs with megan.
watching television.
watching 3rd grade tackle football.
holding babies.
laundry and room cleaning.
playing catch at the high school.
snoozing on the couch.
avoiding housework i.e. cleaning my bathroom.
eating french toast.
breaking up fights between an 8 year old and a 3 year old.
fighting with the 8 year old.
finally not being the younger child getting picked on, but rather picking on the younger children.
a little bit of jo, jesse, and jameson.
pirates of the carribean.
"i'm going to throw a battery at you." what? bahaha.
saturdays are good.

Friday, September 3, 2010

"you only like us for our fanny packs!"--keri

Oh, black light dances are pretty cool sometimes.
Clari gets attacked by Ammon.
We play corners in the car.
Ryan squirts us with glowsticks, it gets on clari's face.
wyatt duclos. he's a cool kid.
leggings instead of pants? yes please. probably the greatest thing of my life.
taco amigo.
nice hugs. real nice.
wyatt, he attacks me with hugs sometimes.
evan, he is lame and doesn't dress up.
no one does, basically. cept us, cause we're cool and dressing up is a hobby of ours.
makeup is so unnecessary. little mascara, yeah buddy.
narrowly escaped that. phew.
water aerobics.
nap time please.
my arms hurt real bad.
we dance. awkwardly.
talks with jenna are always lovely. she couldn't be more of my sister than if her name started with a c.
texting kenzie makes me happy. I tell her she can't kiss boys.
I like when saryn texts me funny things.
39 followers, whats up.
just thinking about doing jan's workouts make me nauseous.
michalla. I enjoy her, we chat in aerobics.
"how bout you with the eyes?"
I need to clean my room.
tomorrow will be a busy day.
yessss. no school monday. let's all dance.
we like to dance.
we love to dance.

would you rather...

have 5 arms
2 heads?
ponder it.
comment your feelings.

pause step now do that re[flect]

Today as I was driving home I was thinking about some of my friends, and how great they are. Then I got thinking about how amazing my life is, so I'd like to take a moment to pause, step, and do that reflect.
I have the greatest friends anyone could ask for, and am constantly making more.

Megan Abel; thank you for always making me laugh and for being there.

Jesse Black; thanks for being there, always, through everything. I wouldn't be who i am without you.

Jo Donaldson; thank you for bring me joy.

Evan Kirby; thanks for all the laughs and sno cones.

Clari Gann; I'm so glad we're friends for the second time in our lives. thank you.

Alyssa Allred; I'm so grateful to have been able to get to know you this past year.

Jenna Vizina; I cannot tell you how amazing you are and how grateful I am for you. You help me not feel so sad about not having jaden around. You truly are another sister of mine and I am so grateful for that and everything you have done for me. I love you.

Courtney Jaeger; oh court. thanks for the laughs. i'm so glad we're friends.

Emily Romney; i don't know why we took a 'break' but i've missed you and I love getting back to what we used to be.

Mckinsey Veenker; You are easily becoming one of my best friends. you're so fantastic!

Mickell Jespersen; I miss you so much, I often want to text you then feel really sad when I can't.

Nicolle Vaucher; girl, we've been friends since birth. I don't know what I've done to deserve an amazing friend like you throughout my life, but thank you.

With all these amazing people, I am also making new friends, which I love (you know how meeting new people is a hobby of mine) So, here's to my new found friends.

Along with all these great people, I have the support of an amazing family.

Mom & Dad; Thanks for always being there and for listening to my boy stories.

Jared; Thanks for the immeasurable laughs.

Keri; I can't imagine my life without you.

Jeremy; thanks for everything you've done.

Heather; thanks for the dance talks, I also can't imagine my life without you.

Courtney; thank you for all the hairdos and girl talk, i really love it.

Aaron; thank you for always being there for me and asking how I am, i really appreciate it.

Jordan; thank you for everything.

Cayleen; I'm so glad you are apart of this family, thank you for the hugs.

Cali; I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me throughout my life.

Nate; thanks for being you.

Jaden; thank you for the advice and everything else, you've molded me into who I am today.

Gabe; I'm so glad I get to be your aunt! thanks for being you!

Max; thank you for all the joy you bring.

Sam; thank you for always telling me when i'm mean and for the laughs.

Brigham; i love playing blocks with you, thanks for always asking.

Mckell; thank you for playing dress up with me and letting me put makeup on you, i love it!

Van; thank you for taking all my teasing and wedgie threats.

Dillon; thanks for all the hugs and kisses.

Cal; i appreciate you only throwing up on me once in your life, and for all the smiles.

Molly; even though i've only known you a couple weeks, i love you.

baby rutter; I'm so excited to meet you!!!

& many aunts, uncles, and cousins. thanks for the joy you guys bring.

and with the support and love of that great family, I am the person who I am today and I am so grateful for that, and for the examples they set for me.

I am loving life, I have the greatest family and friends, am doing well in classes, mostly enjoying school and am having so much fun.

So to all those mentioned, and those not, thank you for everything. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

I'll never understand [football edition]

why we love the smell of sweat.
why I love watching boys ram into other boys.
why i'm even more attracted to boys if sweat is running down their face.
why i enjoy spending all my free time on the football field.
why i enjoy handing out water.
why i love a good throw.
why being tackled on the sidelines sounds real fun.
why i love football so much.

a reason someone needs to tie my hands together.

I get bored easily.
Just a fact of my life.
There I was, in seminary, bored.
I was coloring with my pencil (red pencils are way better to color with, not sure why.)
I stopped to look up, and began to twirl my pencil.
Then, it flew and hit me in the eye.
How embarrassing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

this makes me real angry.

all I want is a truck.
but dad says no.
even though jaden had a truck.
i just really want a truck!