Wednesday, September 22, 2010

baby cailey & teenage cailey.

aren't that different.
please note the awkward smiles.
a cailey staple.

now, let's do some comparing.

baby cailey, she was convinced she was going to marry michael jordan.
teenage cailey, she's convinced she'll marry a list of boys.

baby cailey, she followed Kale around at her brother's wedding asking him to dance.
teenage cailey, she stalkes at dances.

baby cailey attached herself to her brother's girlfriend. (keri and heather)
teenage cailey attached herself to her brothers girlfriend. (jenna)

baby cailey loved going to football games.
teenage cailey loves going to football games.

baby cailey loved to dance.
teenage cailey loves to dance.

baby cailey slash child cailey was a ridiculously creepy stalker. (just ask paul hatch. 4th grade.)
teenage cailey is a ridiculous stalker.

baby cailey & baby emilee were best friends.
teenage cailey & teenage emilee are best friends.
[and practically twins. 9 days apart. we sing disneychannel together.]

baby cailey got rocks for her 3rd birthday from jaden.
teenage cailey gave rocks to jaden for his 20th birthday.

baby cailey would never sleep because she was always afraid she was going to miss something.
teenage cailey hates to sleep for fear of missing exciting things.

baby cailey & baby nicolle were best friends.
teenage cailey & teenage nicolle are best friends.

baby cailey loved to play office.
teenage cailey would love to work in an office and wear pencil skirts and feel important.

baby cailey was a little boy crazy.
teenage cailey is a little boy crazy.

baby cailey loved to sing.
teenage cailey loves to sing.

baby cailey hated when people said/ spelt her name wrong. ("ca I ley")
teenage cailey does not enjoy when people say her name wrong.

basically, we're exactly alike.


Jenna said...

I love when you mention me in your posts, just sayin. I am glad you two are the same! Baby Cailey was a cutie pie, teenage Cailey IS a cutie pie! Oh and re read the rock thing, I think there might be a typo. Love you sis!

shaunie said...

oh, paul hatch.
he was a god among lindon elementary.
remember me and russell?
these flashbacks make me uneasy.