Thursday, September 30, 2010

baby showers are always eventful.

Tonight, Nate's side of the family threw Cali a baby shower.
some prime things happened that i must blog about.

1. i was mistaken for cali. her aunt came up behind me and said, here's the special, then paused and looked and my stomach and noticed i was not pregnant, then found cali 2 chairs away. so hysterical.

2. cali has this hilarious grandma D, and she came over and was talking to me and asked what my name was, when i told her 'cailey' she thought i said kiwi then proceeded to burst into hysterics. it was the funniest thing of my life.

3. her mother in law told us about a HAWT boy from her younger days. it was quite comical.

a fantastic night all and all.
i love hanging with the sisters and chatting about everything.