Thursday, September 9, 2010

because school fries my brain and makes it scatter.

We sold my car.
His name was Tibbs.
He failed at life, there were a lot of things wrong with him.
So now, i'm carless but searching.
While I search, I share the USS quest with my mother.
Who doesn't want to drive a mini van with 'connies timeless quilts' on the back?
It's ok to be jealous.

Rugar & Alicia were gone today in seminary. Sad day.
Jesse and I dominated at cats cradle.

Comfy dresses are nice.

Aerobics tomorrow? I'm afraid for my life.

I keep getting massive headaches.

Hey Monday. good band.

Hillcrest tomorrow. maybe we'll win? Either way, i'll be there.

I thought I could escape him, but as soon as I thought that, there he was, practically stalking me. Don't pretend like suddenly things are like they used to be.
Why does he have to be so darn handsome? And smell good too?

& there's glitter on the floor.

It feels good to be done with a project before it's due.

clay underneath my fingernails is real annoying.

I really love when teachers relate their lesson to a movie, even if it's a little thing. You know how I love movies a whole lot. It just makes my day brighter when Mrs. Beckstrom talks about Erin Brockovich or Mrs. R reveals miss congeniality is her favorite show, just like me.
p.s. please say someone besides me has seen erin brockovich? There were like two of us in my science class.

I miss Mickell.


Jenna said...

uh, you need to tell me who this handsome man is! good luck in your class that may kill you! i hope it doesn't though.

Nicole said...

don't worry, i am extremely scared for aerobics tomorrow as well.

shaunie said...

first off, i'm proud of you for selling your car. that's on my to-do list.
second, i want to know who this handsome man is.
third, i wish i understood the concept of glitter on the floor. i find it sparkly, but so confusing.