Tuesday, September 28, 2010

can we please just talk about

how cool my older brother is?
JP Haynie
He's a musician, & got signed.
check him out
here is an interview with him.

here is his website.

and you can listen to his music here.


mardiiiii said...

i've been listening to this like all day, oh my gosh.
i love his sound.
i want to meet this man.
he is talented.

Kelsey said...


i'm not gonna lie.
your brother was my one of my favorites when he hung out with brett. (even though he probably doesn't remember me, i was a little tyke)and this just makes him ten times cooler.

emilee said...

Oh, wow. I really like this.

Jenna said...

uh, hi. remember me? i am pretty much your sister and you don't tell me ANYTHING anymore?! yeah, i heard you bought a car. thanks, love you too.