Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my day. (caution, queasy readers, stop here.)

I awoke and got ready, I arrived at school in great condition.
Roll was taken, packets were handed out and suddenly, I felt ill. Like barfing.
I quickly asked to go to the bathroom where I called my mother.
I went back to the classroom, was asked if I was in that class by the substitute (uh, duh. I left like 2 seconds ago.) Got my backpack and weird looks, and began the walk to the uss quest. Of course, I parked almost the furthest I could from my first period, the long walk was torture.
I began to drive, turned off locust, decided I should pull over, then barfed. After some time of barfing, I called my mother and made the drive down the road. I sat in the car, crying until my dad came out and helped me. I barfed a couple more times after that. But oddly there was no pain in my stomach, just my heart and back. I walked upstairs to my parent's room, the pain only got worse. Eventually I was yelling into my pillow and squirming in pain. My mother called the doctor, and got an appointment in about 30 minutes. My dad gave me a blessing and I tried to sleep.
The ride to the doctors office was awful, so many bumps in the road. My mom dropped me off up front to park, and I was greeted by a smiling Lisa Logan. "hey baby girl. are you feeling better?" Not really, but her greeting made me happy. I was told to go in the other doors, as I waited for my mother I began to barf into the plastic baggie my mother had brought. The man coming through the doors while barfing gave me a sympathetic smile and I was embarrassed.
I got checked in and was visiting the nurse in no time.
I layed on the uncomfortable bed, and waited for the doctor. A young man came in and introduced himself, he was a student working with the doctor. He poked me and prodded and asked all sorts of awkward questions, all while I fought sleep. Then, he must have really wanted to be barfed on because he stuck a tongue thing down my throat, and then proceeded to poke my stomach real hard. Genius idea, let's poke the sick girl's stomach. Sometime between him and the doctor, I fell asleep. I was awoken and poked and prodded some more. The doctor said a bunch of big words that ended in itis and I again, fought sleep. He said I needed an ultrasound. We went across the hall and this guy put warm goo all over my stomach then prodded me some more. Finally he was done and I was moved to yet another room. I layed on the bed and was immediately out. I woke when I heard someone walk into the room proclaiming, Oh that poor thing. Then, dazed, I opened my eyes to find out I had to get my blood drawn. Oh great, my favorite thing. I was out of it and couldn't remember when I had moved into that room and said funny things, I'm sure. Then, shot time. Anti-nausea. The nurse prodded my hip then stuck. I squirmed and held my mom's hand. Finally, it was time to go. And I felt lovely. I got a juice press and went home to catch up on television. The pain was gone and I felt fine. I watched tv for a while then fell asleep for about two hours. I woke up to my mother calling me. The doctor called and found... nothing. What? I know, I'm just as confused as you.


Batash said...

Im a real big medical nerd, and I've had more than my fair share of doc appt's. So let me enlighten you. The doctor probably only tested your CBC(complete blood count) and other normal tests. Since those came back normal you most likely have something else. Blood tests can't always tell everything because there are SO many tests, and they most likely only did a few. Let's hope it's not anything but a virus, a really bad virus. Like some rare flu? I had one of those one time. It was awful. Could happen.
I know you don't care about that haha. But I hope you get well soon!