Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other day, in seminary, the question of the day was what is the most pathetic thing about yourself? I've been thinking about it lately and decided to make a list:
I still sleep with a beanie baby.
I have a hair schedule and I get really stressed if I don't follow it. I plan it days in ahead according to where I need to go and such. With this hair schedule I have a pillow schedule. One pillow for clean hair, one for dirty hair. I once heard that your hair gets dirtier if you sleep on a dirty pillow. hence, pillow schedule.
If a nail is chipped, I get really really annoyed & can't stop thinking about it until I fix it.
If I don't do my own laundry, I get stressed that people will do it wrong.
My closet, it's color coordinated, and if you mess it up, i will hit you. I take it very seriously.
I have a certain way of making my bed and don't like other people doing it because it's different.
I always click the 'lock' button twice when I leave the car.
I often check the door to make sure it's locked more than once.
I can't park to save my life.
I always have to drive with my shoes off.
I'm a clean freak, germaphobe. I wash my hands a lot.
I watch wayyy too much tv.
I am constantly spilling on my shirt, especially hot sauce from taco amigo.

what's the most pathetic thing about yourself?


sydnee said...

i also drive shoeless
it's much easier, especially when it's a stick.

i'm pathetic because i look at shoes online, everyday.

Jenna said...

i love how you said you can't park to save your life twice.

i procrastinate homework. boo!

i miss jaden more than necessary.

i bite my nails.

hmm.. lots.

mardiiiii said...

im still scared of the dark.

and i sleep with my baby blanket.


miss lex: said...

ahhhh my closet is the same way. i also drive with my shoes off. and i've spilled on every shirt i own. some sort of initiation procedure i guess.

Kassie said...

Germ x = a Kassie staple
I still sleep with my blankie
I hate hate hate when any member of my family gets in my sheets.
I don't touch metal. doorknobs. or bathrooms.......

I kind of have an extremely long list.

I really like this post a lot.

cate said...

i like this.
im with you on the hit the lock button multiple times
as well as i cannot park to save my life & i too drive with my shoes off..

&&& thanks heaven someone else feels the same about doing their own laundry. even the thought of someone else touching my laundry stresses me out.

shaunie said...

oh, cailey.
color-coordination is the only way to go.
along with taking the empty hangers our of the way & onto a rack designated just for empty hangers.