Sunday, September 26, 2010

please someone...

push me off a bridge!

homecoming dress shopping WILL be the death of me.
i want to poke my eyes out.
someone help!!!!!


Kassie said...

Cailey I am there for you sister! You just tell when and where, and I'm there. I absolutely adore dress shopping. Love love love.

jessie said...

dress shopping blows.

sydnee said...

when i go dress shopping, i end up either in frustrated tears, or regretfullness.
if that's even a word.
i'm good with shoes. need help with shoes?

Jenna said...

Let me help you, my darlin. Let me know when ya wanna go and I will help you.

♥ the carlisle said...

D.I. D.I.!!! and dress shopping is the worst thing in the entire world. i feel ya. good luck! you'll be stunningly beautiful no matter what!

Mallory said...

Downeast or Nordstrom.

Lisa said...

i feel your pain.
dress shopping is no bueno.

mardiiiii said...

please don't poke your eyes out.
that would hurt.
and i like you too much to see you go through that pain.
you can always just go naked.
that's what i'd do.
just kidding

melia said...

oh my, i feel your pain. i went dress shopping today and i didnt find a single thing!