Thursday, September 9, 2010


I believe that I discovered something today.
Dresses, they're annoying. Fact.
Another fact? I dislike wearing them. 3 hours at church is enough for me.
But, perhaps its not the dresses I dislike so much, but the constricting feeling you get from the accessories following the dresses. I.e, heels, necklaces, belts etc.
Today, I wore a dress. And quite enjoyed it.
But, instead of heels or even flats, I wore keds.
No constricting shoes.
I did wear a belt, and although it was small, I still felt a little constricted.
So, the verdict?
dresses + keds = a happy cailey.


Kelsey said...

i'm glad we matched today.
belts.(skirt). and keds.

happy kelsey.

Jenna said...

hey i am glad i could help! you did look pretty sexy last night! love you.