Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sometimes i feel

like football takes over my life.
like i haven't seen my friends for a long time.
like i need a good, long nap.
like tswift sings about my life.
like jan is crazy to expect a hour and a half workout 3 nights a week.
like environmental science might kill me.
like i might die of boredom from gov & cit.
like taylor israel is real cool.
like i need some chocolate.
like my IQ drops.
like ke$ha has great dancing songs.
like i might jump off a bridge once it begins to snow.
like hey monday is real good.
like sleeping the day away sounds real nice.
like my tan will fad too quickly.
like we might be dominated this weekend.
like teacher assign us homework to torture us.
like school is so unnecessary.
like adam & eve were smart, not wearing clothes.
like i need some chocolate milk.
like i should do homework.
like spinning in my chair because obviously i'm 7.
like holding baby molly sounds real nice right now.
like water aerobics is real fun.
like i make a lot of lists.
like i don't make much sense sometimes.
like seminary is becoming my favorite class.
like alicia makes me laugh real hard. "what are you ranch?"
like Rugar is hilarious.
like being normal is boring.
like i sound like a valley girl with all these 'likes'
like kanye west writing taylor a song is wierd.
like i need summer back.


Lisa said...

rhinocerous ruger.
he's a hoot

Katie said...

How about:

like seeing Katie was the highlight of my life.
like having my cousin/sister back is awesome.
like snow cone.

Any of those work?

Ashley said...

I am jealous that you are such a good list maker.

♥ the carlisle said...

it's nice to feel.

Anonymous said...

jan hawke almost killed me in that aerobics class. -Lauren