Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sometimes i really miss

when i wore the exact same sweatshirt, jeans, and ponytail everyday.
when boys had cooties.
when we had book orders.
when, with parent teacher conferences came the book fair.
when lunch was eaten at school, with a sandwich and a capri sun.
when we all played oregon trail.
when sitting boy girl boy girl was a punishment.
when people didn't hold hands in the hall.
when there was no pressure to do well in school.
when real life wasn't so near.
when being on your own wasn't something you had to worry about.
when you played with your friends everyday after school.
when i wasn't even allowed to wear makeup.
when boys didn't make me want to barf.
when i wasn't allowed to be home by myself.
when i couldn't run errands for my mother.
when i was too young to work.
when i didn't even know what a period was.
when i didn't have a phone, buzzing in my pocket.
when sleeping in class was scary.
when no one cared what you looked like.
when i wasn't allowed to listen to 97.1 with my older siblings.
when my mother made me go to bed.
when i was scared of high school.
when school was fun.
when you had to have your mom call the other mom to play with a friend.

whatever happened to those days?
when did i suddenly get so old?


Kendra Haynie said...

haha can we just say this was inspired because of my blog today?! Thanks! :) I know what you mean. Just become a teacher...I am hoping it will be almost the same. :)

melia said...

book orders and oregon trail were the coolest ever. i wish i could still play oregon trail.

Lisa said...

i completely agree. we had it dang good back then.

mardiiiii said...

i still play oregon trail
i have it here at my house.
come over and play!