Wednesday, September 29, 2010

substance. apparently i've got it.

but not the sketchy substance you sometimes find in paris hilton's purse.

rules of the award.

1. thank the person you received the award from

thank you, Courtney Jaeger
or as i prefer to call her, baby kitten.
this girl kills me. she is hysterical.
i quite enjoy reading her blog about her life and nannying.

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words

my thoughts, my life. yup.

3. pass this on to 10 bloggers.
wow, 10? I'll try.

kelsey waters
not only is she gorgeous, hysterical, and kind. she has some lovely writing topics.

sydnee merrill
she is a lovely writer and i rather enjoy her blog. plus, she is adorable.

lisa castleberry
this gem is in my seminary class and i quite enjoy her.
lisa castleberry for homecoming queen.

mickell jespersen

want adventures from the holy land? read her blog. she's in JRU this very second.

i recently found her blog and i really like it. she's quite comical.

ashley palmer
a viking veteran is always a friend in my book. I am loving her interviews with people.

stephanie carlisle, her girl blog.
i say her girl blog, because it's not her regular blog, it's a blog just for girls about boys and such.
i love it! i happened upon it while creeping on her and i'm so glad i did!
i love her boy stories!

alright. 7 is enough, i'm sure.
read up.

* not really sure why it's being weird and showing it in black....


Lisa said...

oh, cailey.
i like you.

Kelsey said...

i think we can all agree on this:

you're lovely, and probably my favorite. i look forward to being your awkward valentine.

Ashley said...

Cailey, the more I read your blog the more I really, really like you. I wish we could be in person friends. Sometime when I am in PG, do you think we could go to lunch at Cafe Rio together? Maybe invite Megan? I would love it.