Tuesday, September 14, 2010

that boy.

He was gone, out of sight, out of mind.
It wasn't easy to forget him, but eventually I pushed it out of my mind. People said I was different, that I had changed. I played it off with a laugh and a smile. I hadn't liked him so whatever. Yeah right, Cailey. Finally, he was gone. Not even thoughts of him could bring me down.
When seen by friends, I got a text proclaiming his arrival. I wasn't excited, but butterflies often played tag in my stomach. I wasn't looking forward to school, the thought of seeing him made me feel awkward. First week: in the clear. holla, I thought I was safe, at least until next semester. Psych. There he was, sitting in class. My breathing became shallow and I may have peed a little. Then, as I sat in class, in he walked. Lovely. I avoided eye contact, pretending I hadn't seen him. But naturally, the only seat available was right in front of me. Our eyes met and a fake smile appeared on my face. Awkwardness ensues, and he decides we're best friends. I'm friendly but feel weird. The next day, 1st period; before I open the door, I see him through the window. Oh great. It must of shown on my face how I was feeling, I was received with a 'you look tired' 'uh, yeah, first period.' I, again pretended I didn't see him but we all knew I had.


sydnee said...

i was in the exact same situation.
we should be friends.