Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we don't go for the boys.

we go for the... coaches?
sounds awkward.
it's not.
let's just chat about these fellows.

After puking my guts out all day long, I wasn't about to miss the once a year opportunity of dinner with the football coaches. Tonight, Chubby's was on the menu. I arrived and waited for Emily in my car. Finally, she arrived and we went inside, feeling awkward, and sat at the end of the table. The coaches were all intrigued by the wall of fame. 1 pound burger, 1 pound fries in 15 minutes. 7 of them tried. Only 3 survived. I rather enjoyed watching them, it was a great night all in all. Those guys are hilarious.
Coach Brady, you know him? I was scared of him forever, but really, he is so nice and funny!
Newman. Hysterical, last week on the bus, we chatted with him the whole way home. he's gonna find me a homecoming date. "i've been farming." "i wanna eat the planet."
Derek, he has to know all our boy stories. he gives us advice. "wait I heard boys, tell me the story." "you know you have to tell him right, I know."
Thomas, he pulls my hair sometimes. He is a crazy oil guy and always has random facts. Apparently I look exactly like his mother? Sometimes he calls me his mom.
Sandy, he pours water on me at practice.
Sampson, always so nice.
Deans, he smells nice and sneaks us shirts.
Hymas, he doesn't talk much but he's nice.
Seriously, these guys are my favorite. Dinner tonight was so entertaining.


mardiiiii said...

so apparently you look like my grandma then?
hmm. i will have to ask evan about that.
slap him for me
and have him show you his rad tattoo's.

Kassie said...

Coach Hymas. He's my uncle. No big deal. :)

Court J said...

I just left your a present on my bloggy!