Thursday, September 30, 2010

why my mother is obviously cooler than yours.

when coming home late at night, she suggests stalking the houses of boys.
instead of reprimanding me for sneaking out, she tells me to walk out the front door.
she tells me to invite boys over so she can stalk them,
then proceeds to tell me not to because dad might say something embarrassing.
she's hysterical. even if her jokes aren't funny.
she facebook stalks. then proceeds to tell me. "so i saw on facebook..."
she has great suggestions. "get some bubble gum and spell yes." then what? " i don't know?"
sometimes she texts you hilarious things, one night i got a text from her about a grown man in walmart wearing footie pajamas but she couldn't take a picture for me because she was laughing too hard.
she often desires to take pictures of people's haircuts she likes, creepy.
she accepts my love for every boy and will help me plan my life with them. Once, we got a picture of my missionary brother and his (attractive) companion and she immediately thought of me.
she will stalk boys with me. sometimes i force her into but she loves it. read a great stalking story here
she often texts you. and with smiley faces, and a possible LOL just me make me feel weird.
she gives me boy advice. (invite him over, write him a note, tell him you don't bite.)
she doesn't mind too much when i keep her up late at night with my ramblings.
so basically, my mom is just ridiculously cool.
be jealous.


Court J said...

My mom is a definite facebook stalker too.
She'll always tell me the latest drama.
Isn't that what fb is for?
To stalk?

sydnee said...

our moms would be best friends.