Friday, September 3, 2010

"you only like us for our fanny packs!"--keri

Oh, black light dances are pretty cool sometimes.
Clari gets attacked by Ammon.
We play corners in the car.
Ryan squirts us with glowsticks, it gets on clari's face.
wyatt duclos. he's a cool kid.
leggings instead of pants? yes please. probably the greatest thing of my life.
taco amigo.
nice hugs. real nice.
wyatt, he attacks me with hugs sometimes.
evan, he is lame and doesn't dress up.
no one does, basically. cept us, cause we're cool and dressing up is a hobby of ours.
makeup is so unnecessary. little mascara, yeah buddy.
narrowly escaped that. phew.
water aerobics.
nap time please.
my arms hurt real bad.
we dance. awkwardly.
talks with jenna are always lovely. she couldn't be more of my sister than if her name started with a c.
texting kenzie makes me happy. I tell her she can't kiss boys.
I like when saryn texts me funny things.
39 followers, whats up.
just thinking about doing jan's workouts make me nauseous.
michalla. I enjoy her, we chat in aerobics.
"how bout you with the eyes?"
I need to clean my room.
tomorrow will be a busy day.
yessss. no school monday. let's all dance.
we like to dance.
we love to dance.


Jenna said...

thanks for the call last night! you are way to cute! things work out how they are suppose to. love you!

Mallory said...

wyatt attacks me with hugs sometimes too. and sometimes when we see each other across a room we do slow motion running at each other with extended arms. i love that kid.

Anonymous Viking said...

You think Jan's workouts are hard now? wait till you start working out at the rec center.