Friday, October 8, 2010

because it's friday and i can.

let's just ramble, shall we?

Mickell, she sends me emails from Jerusalem, stamps of approval included. Not real stamps, theoretical.

have you ever, in an attempt to be funny, said something so stupid the village idiot laughed at you? story of my life.

Why is it that you never grow up in neverland, but smee is so old?

Zumba. holla.
instead of doing the real steps, i do awkward rain dances.

Annie and I chat after class.
We have a dance party in the parking lot. We have all the same awkward moves and I like it.
i enjoy her a whole lot.

booty shaking is a hobby of mine.

I'm a nerd. I read in 3/4 classes today, while being antisocial.
"didn't i tell you not to talk to me?"

We try to play big booty. it doesn't work.

Kensie. Her birthday party is soon. I can't wait. anyone want to come can, it's a jump on it. hit me up yo.

Homecoming game tonight.
secretly i wish i was going clubbing with annie & megs.

my book of comical things;
oh how i love thee.

I could really use some chapstick right now.

homecoming & sneakers? yes please.

gchat with mickell.
i say i don't know where to start, she says start and don't stop. So, thats what I do. I go on and on and never really make sense but because she's my best friend, she understands and comments then let's me ramble on and on.

"wearing a gown shaped like a pastry."
thank you tswift, for making wedding gowns comical.

I sorta have to pee real bad.
but, i'm waiting for mickell on gchat so i can't go.

I really miss mickell.


Annie said...

dance party e'ry friday after zumba?

lisa said...

you looked like a baaaabe at the dance.