Monday, October 11, 2010

best franns.

best franns is...
taking sodas to them when their down.
taping picture on the wall to make them feel better.
creeping on attractive males.
being basically the same person.
hitting on each other.
not caring that one of you isn't wearing pants.
being able to just sit there in silence and say nothing.
texting eryday.
being able to tell them anything.
not being embarrassed when they see you cry, or when you sing off key or dance awkwardly.
texting them, i dare you not to text me back when they don't text you.
being able to say one word and crack up.
a million inside jokes.
being able to be yourself.
being able to read each others minds.


meg. said...

this is why we are in love.

♥ the carlisle said...

this makes me miss my best friend.