Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the best things.

In seminary, we were talking about the things you think you are better at than someone.
At first you think, we'll that's real humble of you.
But, then we talked about how sometimes, it's ok to think you are better.
And the more I think about this, I think everyone needs to do this every once in a while, boost your self esteem.

So, I'm going to write 5 things about me, and I ask you to comment with the same.

  1. I'm pretty comical.
  2. I'm pretty adorable.
  3. my eyes are real nice.
  4. I'm good at making friends.
  5. I'm a good listener.
Now, your turn. Comment 5 things about yourself. It will really boost your self-esteem.


sydnee said...

1. i have really pretty hair.
2. i'm an excellent speller.
3. i have an insane ability of finding addresses.
4. i can coordinate colors nicely.
5. i have gleaming teeth

it does do wonders for the self esteem.

brit said...

.1. i'm really creative and artsy
.2. i make friends quickly
.3. i have a really pretty hair color
.4. i give good advice
.5. i am smart when it comes to school

and yes, it does boost your self esteem (:

Kelsey said...

1. i have a great smile
2. i am known to be creative
3. i'm always happy
4. my long lashes
5. i care about people.
to much sometimes.