Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm pretty sure that the best job in the world would be

a disney princess at disneyland.
work at disneyland, uh hello.
play with little children.
sign autographs.
be a celebrity without being a celebrity, ya know?
be in tons of random people's pictures.
be a princess.
have children adore you.
you would get attractive males, i mean, you're a princess & you have a prince.
you would get real tan from being outside all day.
princes. nuff said.

There are none.

Everything about that job would be amazing.


brit said...

agreed 100%
i'd be cinderella (:

brit said...
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mickell said...

I know someone who worked at Disneyland.
Aladdin and Prince Charming were in love.
I'm afraid of that.

Meg said...

i'm too short to be a princess. you may want to check it out before your heart is crushed like mine.