Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm sorry that I've only blogged ramblings lately, but here's another one.

Dear lady at the drive through,
don't look at me like i'm an idiot.

Dear lady I almost killed,
feel free to look at me like i'm an idiot. I almost killed the both of us.

Do we ever wear real clothes? I submit that we do not.

Brendan Ewell. Where is that boy?

Today felt like summer again. I slept in, I did lunch with mom, wore basketball shorts to work then came home and washed my car in the heat.

My car (that does not have a name, though i'm taking suggestions) is spif and span. (is that the term? I don't remember.)

Sunday brings jenna to me, for dinner.
that sounds like i'm going to eat her for dinner. I'm not, she's eating dinner with me and the parentals.

Sometimes, we lose to Lone Peak. They have zero class. How about we beat them up?
(on the upside, their quarterback, #15 is a hottie. er, at least the part i could see through the helmet rails. Are they called helmet rails? If not, they should be.)
Football players cry and precious hugs come.
My nephew, max, who is obsessed with football, wants to meet a player. I introduce him to trevor jenkins and he basically hops up and down with joy.

Today, I scrunched my hair.
and guess what? It doesn't even look totally awful!

Back to december- tswift.
Her speak now album is going to be BOMB.

mexico in a little more than a month. hhhhhhhhooooooollllllllaaaaaaaa. (that says holla, not hola.)
(although both are needed & necessary.)

On her back to december album cover, tswift has front bangs & straight hair. Is anyone else not ok with this?

happy first day of fall break.


Jenna said...

the term you are looking for is spik and span, i am sure. sunday will be a good day. can't wait to catch up. and i don't mind if you eat me. i bet i taste delish! i can't wait to see the new car so i can pick out a name!

oh and ps. i am supa jealous you are going to meh-he-co.

love you! see you on sunday, sister.

Shelbie said...

oh cailey, yes the part you can see through the halmet rails is attractive, but the rest... even better haha we decided he looks like channing tatum, but more attractive and more manly haha yup #15 is a babe.

and i'm not okay with the bangs and hair either...

sydnee said...

the helmet rails are called a facemask.
i love your rambling posts.

Anonymous said...

i think the correct terminology is spic and span

Kassie said...

Not ok with the straight hair at all. It does not sit right with me one bit.

Saryn said...

I like or dislike multiple things about this post. Like- your car! how do you like it?! is it as good as tebbs (R.I.P)? Like- Jenna coming to dinner. wish i would've been there. Like- that you scrunched your hair! i wish i would have seen it. I bet you looked babelicious. like always. Love- Back to December. nuff said. Dislike- that your going to mexico without me. and the fact that my family is currently there. without me. agree- t-swift with straight hair and bangs just does not work. dislike greatly- the fact that you just had fall break and i didn't see your face once. i thought we were family. little do you know.