Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In honor of...

my 200th post, which was the one before this.
I want to hear from you guys, get some feedback.
  • What is your favorite writing style of mine? (lists, storys, ramblings, etc)
  • do you have a favorite post perhaps? or one you particularly remember?
  • is there anything that annoys you?
  • how are you feeling about my blog lately?
I'm interested in what you have to say.
So, please, comment and tell me how you're feeling.


mardiiiii said...

i very very VERY much enjoy your blog.
your writing style is great.
i love everything you do.
keep writing whatever you want, it is definitely very funny and well worth reading.
i love it cayhay.
keep at it.

olivia said...

a post I remember is the one about the pathetic things about you.
because it was witty and funny and interesting that you were able to recognize what odd things you do. not because it was pathetic...
I like lists with stories included. y'know?

I like reading your words.

Shelbie. said...

i love your blog.
that's all.

brit said...

i love it all.
even when i only have a minute, your blog is the first i check for new posts. (:

court said...

i love the way you blog.