Thursday, October 21, 2010

nerd status.

Although currently in the middle of a book, I ventured to the library. I was looking for nothing in particular, just looking. I quickly found my way to non-fiction and proceeded to walk up and down the isles slowly. I would pause, look at a book, put it back, pause, look at a book, and put it back. A couple times, I was the awkward girl sitting in the isle, surrounded by books and reading the covers. I stayed for about an hour, looking, and then finally reading my own book out of my purse.
I ended up checked out 3 books.
And now, I bet you're asking, was cailey that wierd girl who TA'd for the library and loved it? In which i would reply, yes yes i was.


Kelsey said...

thats not weird at all. I do it.
you should say to my mom for me when you are there.

Nicole said...

oh i used to work at the library. i understand you

Ashley said...

I can definitely relate. The older I get the more the inner nerd inside me feels the need to creep out in greater quantities. I used to try to hide and/or deny it, but now I acknowledge, accept, & above all embrace it.