Saturday, October 23, 2010

An ode, to you.

Mardi Thomas.
Last year, we sat by each other in biology. A total of about 5 words were spoken. And I'm real sad about that number.
We started out with mutual creepiness, (always the beginning of great friendships) we blog stalked. Then, one day she wrote on my Fbook wall, and I got her number (well that sounded like we're dating. Awkward.) So, we texted and I found that she is quite comical. Hilarious in fact.
One day, she was having a bad day, so we chatted on the phone. It was lovely. We talked about life, and our love for certain humans, and everything else.
I learned some things I would never known by just looking at her, she holds it in so well. You have no idea what her life is like. She is so strong, dealing with everything, and I look up to her for it.
We often text, and each time I quite enjoy it. She is hilarious and we always have the greatest conversations.
She says things like, she wants to snog malfoy's father.
When I deny my love for him (because obviously I don't love him, he is ugly.) she says, "fine, but if one day you wake up and he is laying in your bed with you, don't come crying to me."
I laughed for about five minutes, it's fine.
We've been arguing about draco and mr. malfoy for at least 20 minutes. it's real great.
So, here's to you Mardi (I wish i had a drink to hold in the air right about now.)
You're amazing.


mardiiiii said...

oh i just love this.
malfoy's dad is in your bed...right now. HAHAHAHAHAH
oh man. so funny. cayhay, this is just grand.