Friday, October 15, 2010

post via megan's room.

I'd say that fall break day #2 was a success.

I slept in. Then watched a television, then took a cat nap.
Then, I showered.
After putting on some jeggings and a sweatshirt (really, who needs pants? no one.)
I arrived at megan's house.
Stealing her music is a hobby of mine, probably.
Annie came over, and the sisterwives began our adventures.
We ended up at del taco, obviously. Where we proceeded to eat our weight in tacos. delish.
Then, as we were discussing crazy ideas, we decided to stalk the people from the t.v. show, Sisterwives.
So, being our creepy selves, we found their house then proceeded to do like 12 drive-bys. we even saw his latest wife, Robin. Holllla.
It was prime and the highlight of my life, probably.
Then, annie had to work and megan and I sat in her room and did who knows what for about five hours.
Then, before I almost starved to death, we went to wendys.
Now, here I am, blogging while megan takes a shower.
Sleeeeppppooooovvvveeerrrr. I don't know why all those extra letters are necessary, but they are.
yeah buddy.


Hippie Grandma said...

i found their house last week!
it was serendiptious.
i even had to take my mother to see it the next day. :)

cate said...

my mother and i stalked as well.
with approximately 15 drive bys. and i about doorbell ditched them.
sounds like a fun day.
you should have called me.

Anonymous Viking said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who has had the urge to stalk the family from sister wives.

meg. said...

you are so gassy.