Sunday, October 3, 2010

the stalked.

nicole at & then some.

brittney at .serendipity.

jenna at

kirsten at 2010 remember when

ashley at 356 days with ashley

megan at a twisted fairytale

missi at a beautiful mess

taylor at all the little perks

alexis at all you need is love

angie at and the story goes a little something like this

cate at compli[cate]ed

anonymous at confessions of an anonymous viking

courtney at courtneydoes.

mandi at dear world it's me, mandi

evan at e.kirby

mickell at earth to mickell

annie at in the mind of annie

jameson at jameson....

jessie at jessie

mallory at just kitten

courtney at keeping up with courtney

meg at let's pretend we are mammals.

shelbie at letters from me

melia at life in the fast lane

mckinsey at live, laugh, love

maddie at maddie violet

alexa at miss lex.

kati at my quests

steph at no boyz allowed

jenna & carrie at our daily dose

shelbie at post script

sydnee at simple thoughts

shaunie at sincerely, shaunie

lisa at a splash of thought

kelsey at sweet disposition

mallory & hannah at the diaries of a fly on the wall

ashley at the ramblings of a teenage mind

mardi at this is prime

jalissa at this is the way i live

hippie grandma at various thoughts from the last living unicorn

whitney at welcome to my life

kaitlyn at xoxo eponine

kassie at you kinda had to be there.

stephanie at for the elle oh vee ee

kylie at kylie

olivia at insert title here

emilee at yours truly
lissa at just lissa
ashley at mental notes


Nicole said...

i just like that i'm at the top of this list.
that's all.

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kendra Haynie said...

Jerk... I am not on this.

Jenna said...

Obviously she doesn't stalk you Kendra.. Just sayin. ;) And hey, I stalk you too!

Shelbie. said...

yes. let the stalkers be stalked. :)

Kendra Haynie said...

STILL offended. This needs to be updated...stat.