Sunday, October 17, 2010

to lead & guide us.

Today, my young woman leaders got released. And although I'm 98% sure none of them read this, I'm going to tell you about them.

Sister Susov.
You're an angel. You are always there for us, whenever we need you. You are constantly working on something for one of us girls, or something for anyone else. You often have nice hello's ready when I need them the most. You are an amazing cook, I'm gonna miss laurel lunches at your house. (and miss your fast sunday treats to torture us.)

Sister Delaney.
Many great times in your car that smells like children. I love telling stories about marijuana with you. You make us want to eat healthy. Well, you trick us into eating healthy but we like it. You muscles are bigger than anyone's I know. You always bring us red starbursts to keep us quiet, and we love it.

You are a savage. You put orajel on water bottles, then won't claim it. Your secrets came out today. I'm going to miss chatting with you, and your gasp when we say something expected. I'll miss you, especially at camp.

I love that you look younger than most of us. This past year went by so fast. I wish we had you longer, I hope you will continue coming home teaching with your husband because I really enjoy when you do.

Where do I even start? From us hanging out with you instead of going to sunday school, to chatting with you after every sacrament, to when you took us to taco & then we talked in your car for about 2 hours. You always tell the people at work about us, I'm sure they think we're insane. If I were ever to get in any sort of trouble, I would go to you first. I'm gonna miss telling you everything about my life, and seeing your new hairdos. Once, you put silly string down my pants. Then gave me a wedgie. Also, you tackled me. Our silly string fight will go down in history. I'll miss you the most at camp, who will lick our oreos and spit in our chicken? I love you like crazy.

These ladies are crazy hysterical.
I am who I am because of them, I can't tell you how much they have done for me throughout the years. I'm so grateful for all that they have done.
Thank you ladies. You are greatly appreciated.