Saturday, October 2, 2010

where have you been all my life?

Since school started, I feel like I don't really hang out with friends since i'm always so busy.
Tonight, Jo came over to show me her homecoming dress and then we headed to walmart to buy a coloring book for conference tomorrow.
oh man, I've missed that girl.
we always almost die. tonight wasn't an exception. massive truck, little car, almost smashing.
we're quite comical when put together. Brian Regan status.
some prime quotes:
Jo: you should take him to sadies.
me: do you want me to get pregnant? I didn't mean it like that, i mean he would rape me. I'm gonna need a grape whistle.
Jo: you can borrow mine....

Jo: i wanna try a poo flavored lollipop.

us: he's so cup of noodles.

(cup of noodles means hot, obviously.)


rue. said...

i totally got the "grape whistle" reference. the grapist!