Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm particularly missing my best friend.
19 days.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

because i've been told to count my many blessings.

although it hasn't been a traditional thanksgiving and therefore, doesn't even feel like it, i feel thanks are in order.
but, i say turkey is overrated and the chicken shack is where it's at.

I'm thankful for;
my family
my friends
the clothes on my back
the shoes on my feet
my job
my education
the opportunities we have
my car
my parent's jobs
my house
a warm bed
the food we eat
love in the home
the gospel
the scriptures
my ward

the list could go on and on and not end for days, but for now i will end with that and say,

happy thankgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

mexico ramblings.

I don't like being woken up, so children, if you wake me, you will probably get yelled at.

I write mickell long emails and get nothing back. grr mickell.

I forgot to kick a ginger on kick a ginger day.

dear boy in the pool, you sort of look like justin bieber but with a wider face and a broken arm. too bad your probably like 12.

dear group of boys i see everywhere. are you stalking me? I'm convinced you are. stop the nonsense. or at least me good stalkers. or, here's a thought, chat me up.

basketball shorts, i really love you.

hey, wind, stop blowing. all I want out of life is a freaking tan but i can't do that when you freeze me. what kind of mexico is this that it's cold outside. what a sick joke this weather is.

indoor pool, i really like you and the warmth you bring me.

I wish utah wasn't so cold because i've got some adorable mexican sandals to get some use out of.

"call me nacho, i'm wearing my mask."
children say the funniest things.

probably the pizza is almost there. room service is nice. i'm not looking forward to the walk back, it's sorta brisk.


Monday, November 22, 2010

I really love this about mexico. [part one]

I really love mexican tacos with spicy sauce.
I really love strawberry fanta.
I really love super ley, where I've never felt more blonde.
I really love all the brown people.
I really love when I come home and my bed is made and there are towels in the form of an animal on my bed.
I really love using as many spanish words as I can.
I really love building sand castles.
I really love wearing my swimsuit all day.
I really love never wearing makeup.
I really love the high ponytail that is often atop my head.
I really love the rollercoaster like roads.
I really love all the nice people who help my carry up groceries when my arms are tired.
I really love the breeze and smell of the ocean.
I really love swimming pools.
I really love sleeping in cars.
I really love manzana.
I really love not having my phone.
I really love bolillos and sweet breads.
I really love cajeta.
I really love accidently scaring an adorably chunky child when telling her bless you when she sneezed. I shoulda said salud.
I really love mexico.

because in the haynie family, sandcastles aren't a small thing.

They are serious business.
Today, we built an egyptian pyramid. about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide or more.
feel free to be jealous.
It all started a couple years ago, when the children wanted to build a sandcastle. Soon, the children were shunned and it's the adults making the magnificent sandcastle, big enough to sit it.
Each year they get more amazing and more elaborate. Once, we had a paved roadway all the way to our castle and into our moat. This year, things are getting crazy serious. My brother brought all sorts of odd tools, that are used for building houses. We've even contemplated bringing a wheelbarrow or perhaps a fourwheeler with a claw attached to the back, but decided against those because frankly, we have no room.
At the end of each day, we get the pleasure in filling up the moat, then proceeded to jump the sand castle and the trample it, so other children don't get to feel that joy when we made it.
Tomorrow, we're thinking about an alligator, or some sort of creature.
Don't fret, pictures will be posted once I get home.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


i'm off to mexico.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

another one for the list.

I've just discovered this deliciousness,
a countrytime strawberry lemonade float. like a rootbeer float, but with strawberry lemonade.

all the more attractive.

Did you know that Tom Felton, also known as Draco Malfoy, sings? He's on itunes. But he's not very good. It's ok though because he has a british accent. I love him, probably.

Monday, November 15, 2010

christmas list.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I will survive.

How to survive an 8 hour shift 101.
professor caihay.

1) 44 oz of dr pepper
2) original baked lays, family bag
3) flips. (heavenly chocolate covered pretzels)
4) peanut clusters
5) a fantastic job

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Finally, i can relax.
psych, i still have homework.
i went to school (all four classes. be proud)
almost died in aerobics.
watched the latest episode of psych (has anyone watched. real great. I love shawn and juliet.)
showered and got ready for work.
worked for 2 hours.
went straight from work to dance.
went home, shoveled 4 pieces of pizza and a soda really fast.
made it to ward volleyball for a couple games.
won 1 game. we're so good.
made a couple real good serves.
and finally, I'm home and off to do homework with my head pounding like the inside of a dance club.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

if it's not the fact that I'm a wee bit younger, or the truth that I'm so naive.

Being the youngest of 7, I've always been the younger.
Even when I will little I acted older than my age (perhaps the reason for my bossiness as a child. good thing that left me. -sarcasm. I still am a little bossy.)
I often hung out with my older siblings, and when I got older it stuck with me.
I'm always the youngest in an older group.
My best friend is 3 years my senior and I love hanging out at BYU.
my whole group of friends this year (besides a couple) are older than me.
I enjoy college students and feel i get along with them easier.
But don't worry, I won't grow up too fast.
and sometimes i still act like i'm 12.

shh, it's a secret.

I have a secret aspiration to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
I'm quite addicted to DCC, making the team. Ever seen it? It's lovely.

what's your secret aspiration?

Oh, this isn't normal?

recently it's come to my attention that i eat weird things. who knew? i thought everyone ate them.

1) i dip my chicken nuggets and or my crispy chicken sandwich is my frosty. (at least i don't dip my hamburger in it like my sister.)

2) i put peanut butter and jelly on my grilled cheese sandwiches.

3) i eat cheese sandwiches: miracle whip, cheese, and bread.

4) beef jerky and peanut m&ms. (ok, i new this wasn't normal. but it's so delicious. we once accidentally discovered it at youth conference.)

5) frosting and saltines or graham crackers.

6) tunafish and pickle sandwiches.

Although that's all i can think of at the moment, I'm sure there are more.

what weird food do you eat?

p.s. up until recently, i thought everyone dipped their chicken sandwich in their frosty and that everyone ate tunafish and pickles.

i refuse.

to go outside the rest of winter.
this morning i almost got hypothermia walking into school, and when i walked outside for lunch, big flakes stuck to my eyelashes and made me shiver. I ate lunch, saw it was still snowing and decided i was not going to chance it and skipped 4th with the disapproval of my mother but constant nagging and a firm, i'm not going to brave that snow. It was then I decided refusing to go outside was a genius idea and i should do it not only today, but for the rest of the winter.
So. I refuse.

besides, it's a proven fact that snow makes me grouchy anyway and you don't want me hanging around with a chip on my shoulder do you?

p.s. i must have sensed it was going to snow because even this morning before it started i was grouchy. snow will do that to you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Sorry blob I don't a watch." "it's bob not blob, smartA."

RAD. A hometown kid on his BMX against the best in the world. At Helltrack... the heat is on.

I grew up with this movie. My older brothers were obsessed with BMX. Still to this day, there is 'ride or die' and 'bmx' all over their wall in glow stickers. It does use a couple... or more choice words, and therefore my mother decided it was unfit for us and she hid it for a long time. We still loved it, but never found it. One day my brother got a copy of the DVD. Greatest day of our lives. This movie has some great quotable lines, not to mention fantastic bike riding and romance. I may just love it because i grew up with it but i think it's hilarious. Once i made mickell watch it and think she enjoyed it. It's quite comical.
I say, RAD party at my house.
We've got the DVD.
We can all swoon over cru jones.
Who's in?

cru jones. he's so dashing.

the love interest

cru and bart battling it out at helltrack

One of the best scenes in the movie.

tell me, what movie did you grow up with?

never grow up.

Tswift has done it again.
This song is constantly on my mind.
It's almost like the theme song to neverland.
In it, it suggest some stuff. So, i figure I'll take tay's advice.

Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room
Memorize what it sounded like when your dad get's home
Remember the footsteps, remember the words said
And all you're little brothers favorite songs

My childhood room was full of sunflowers, Debbie Mum. My mom designed it and I have to say, I really hated it. It was the guest room and always had to look nice. I had doilies and a jar of buttons on my nightstand. Sunflowers, reds, greens, and browns.

When my dad comes home, it sounds like an earthquake. Our garage is loud enough to hear in canada. When you are laying on the floor in the upstairs family room and the garage is opened or closed, it vibrates your whole body. He's quiet, but occasionally he'll yell, honey I'm home. Or I'll say, dad? and he'll respond with yes?

well, I'm the youngest but i remember my older brother's favorite songs. For a long time, my brothers listened to dashboard. I sang it when I was younger, you hair is everywhere. probably a reason for my love of dashboard. They used to sing songs from 'Rad'. Jaden sang tswift a lot and michael jackson, along with bob marley. he loved the celebration song.

my go to.

Recently, i was almost out of perfume.
Not wanting to smell like a man or a wet puppy, i went to the store.
And, I got LUCKY YOU. it's my go-to scent. If I happen to find another scent I like, I'll get it and wear it but when I don't have time to search, it's always LUCKY YOU.
so, if you're near me, feel free to go ahead and sniff. i smell lucky. leprechans probably wear this, well girl leprechans. boy leprechans wearing it would just be awkward.

what's your go-to scent?

Monday, November 8, 2010

music monday #2

I think i've forgotten about music monday.
but, because i know a lot of you are already listening to christmas music even though thanksgiving isn't over and I really despise you for it, this song isn't really christmas-like but comical.

merry swiftmas- evan tobenfield (i'm not sure on the last name)

who is copy tecs new employee?

this girl.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the singles ward.

BYU singles ward.
I graced them with my presence today. And when I say graced I mean, I was visiting W4 and had to go to church somewhere.
If you've ever been to a singles ward, you'll know all this but let me remind you of it's beauty.

Let's face it.
The singles ward is a meat market.
Everyone comes to church in their sunday best, project runway addition.
They go to hunt. The prey? A spouse.
They flirt during sacrament, stalk to sunday school, and always hug before and after the meeting.
As I sat in sacrament, I people watched. There were awkward moments, boys with arms around girls, parents meeting friends, gandering of engagement rings, and lots of mingling. Names were exchanged along with handshakes in meeting. And I even saw a boy writing down his number for a girl. Home teaching is planned, and dates are asked. Awkwardness is inevitable, and I can't lie, whenever I was introduced to a boy I felt like in his mind he was wondering my dating status. Sometimes I feel like stamping my age across my forehead when I visit BYU. although, marriage proposals are quite flattering. (that's a whole another post entirely.)

Oh singles wards.

perhaps I've escaped to a warmer place.

or, perhaps I've just been a terrible blogger.
If i were a gambler, I'd be the latter.

Well, football is over. (finally. what?)
We lost to Fremont.
Although I'm rather happy football is over, I'm also sad about a few things. But that's another post.

With football over, i do nothing with my life except for sleep on my favorite couch is who lacking in a name, but now has an imprint of my body (which furthers my love for it.) Naps are a daily occurrence and I don't like sleeping at night much.

This week I've avoided class about 4 times and cannot wait until thanksgiving break where I will be basking in the mexico sun.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ashley Palmer while she was in the good ol' PG. We met at yogurt bliss, and talked for about 2 hours. Oh how I love her. She is hilarious. Also, she promised I could be interviewed one time. we can all do a little happy dance. We realized we had some common.... friends? and proceeded to tell stories about them. It was quite comical. We also planned playing in a sewer and ordering pizza one time. This girl is crazy funny and I hope she comes and visits again soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010


nothing brings girls together like awkward dancing & attempted booty shakes.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

so there is this one boy...

& he makes me swoon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

if you need me,

I'll be on the couch in the downstairs family room.
I've discovered what a lovely couch it is.
  • It's broke in.
  • It's low to the ground, easier to get to my phone on the ground.
  • If you happen to fall off, the ground isn't far away.
  • It's the perfect length from the couch to the t.v.
  • The T.V. is the perfect size for where the couch is.
  • It's the perfect length for my body, including a pillow.
I'm in love.


I think when I was a child I was deprived.
Pinata deprived.
My mom claims we had pinatas all the time, but i'm not so sure. Why else would I have a ridiculous obsession with pinatas?
I was pinata deprived.

& I have that song in my head all day... -julianne hough

I am pretty convinced that I sing in my sleep.
When I'm awake, I sing constantly. I always have a song stuck in my head and never stop singing whether it be under my breath, a quiet hum, or belting a song, I'm constantly singing.
So, it only makes sense that I would sing in my sleep.
Plus, I wake up every morning with a random song stuck in my head. Not even one I was listening to before I went to sleep, just a random song that goes through my head while I get ready.
Other than the fact that people that I've slept with tell me I don't sing in my sleep, I'm convinced I do.