Monday, November 1, 2010

& I have that song in my head all day... -julianne hough

I am pretty convinced that I sing in my sleep.
When I'm awake, I sing constantly. I always have a song stuck in my head and never stop singing whether it be under my breath, a quiet hum, or belting a song, I'm constantly singing.
So, it only makes sense that I would sing in my sleep.
Plus, I wake up every morning with a random song stuck in my head. Not even one I was listening to before I went to sleep, just a random song that goes through my head while I get ready.
Other than the fact that people that I've slept with tell me I don't sing in my sleep, I'm convinced I do.


melia said...

ha i hate that! every morning i wake up with a random song in my head while im getting ready... im like seriously? where did that come from.

Kassie said...

Sorry I just have to be immature for a sec... slept with, bahahaha. :)